“I was fortunate enough to be able to have both my children at home with Jackie as my midwife.   Choosing home birth was a very personal and intimidating decision for me.  It was the first instance in my life where I chose to trust myself and my body over the opinions of others and the stakes could not have been higher.  The consequences of my decisions effected many of the lives around me and being supported by a strong, competent and reassuring midwife made all the difference.  Pregnancy and birth has become a minefield of conflicting information and a topic in which most everyone has an opinion.   Jackie allowed for a space where I could freely explore my options and make decisions that were right for me and my family, without pressure or judgement.  As a family, we are extremely grateful for the care and attention Jackie provided us and are ever thankful for the role she has played in making our long sought after family a reality.” 
Melissa Mayo
Homebirth Mama 2013, 2014

"My mother was a midwife and my siblings and I were all born at home so when I was pregnant with my first child I had a strong inclination to desire a home birth.  Without a doubt though, it was Jackie who made the decision clear and made my husband and I feel excited about a home birth. I met Jackie in 2006, when she was getting her masters in Public Health and have been close friends with her ever since.  I watched as she arrived at the decision to attend Birthwise, and eagerly followed her developing career.  Knowing her so well, it was so comforting to know that the profession was gaining someone who was so naturally nurturing and who was going to go above and beyond to be educated in the field.  Her competence, understanding, knowledge, and gentle nature are exactly what new parents desire and need.  Throughout my first pregnancy she made herself unbelievably accessible.  There was always someone for my husband and I to turn to with any of little or large prenatal, labor, or postpartum questions.  The kind of care that Jackie provides is soothing, thorough, and nurturing in every way.  I had a wonderful yet long early labor that flowed into a long time pushing with some aspects that led to a hospital transfer.  Not having my son at home was a disappointment for me, but I felt that Jackie made the absolute right call.  She knew that I was and would be sad but she knew what was most important was a healthy baby.  She was so supportive that I felt okay about what had to be done.  Having her there with me in the hospital made me feel like I was still in the best hands.  I am now pregnant with my second child and feel so fortunate to have Jackie as a midwife again, it is a gift to be able to have such incredible loving care throughout the experience of growing and birthing a child."    Wren

"There was a clear understanding from the get go that both my wife and I were extremely excited about the idea of a home birth when we found out that we were pregnant.  Jackie was and had been one of our closest friends in the world for quite a while and as she was coming out of school at Birthwise we thought what a great fit this will be for her to be our midwife.  It was a no brainier for us.  In my own ignorance that I suppose came from always knowing that we were going to have a midwife that I never really bothered to find out what a midwife really was…and coupled with the fact that she was such a friend I suppose the lines were all a little blurry for me to begin with.  In all honesty I think there was some skepticism that close family had when my answers to questions were a little vague to begin with.  All of this changed after we met Jackie in her office for our first prenatal visit.  The level of professionalism and care that she showed completely floored me.  Questions that neither my wife or I even knew to ask were being answered, and a plan was put in place to have both Baby and my Wife be as happy and as healthy as can be.  We communicated a lot with her between visits, she was just a call away, and she always had an informed answer to our questions.  If she wasn’t sure, she did some extra research and found out.  We felt like we had our own private maternity center at our fingertips.  And this is exactly how I have watched Jackie deal with all of her patients.  She cares.  She cares about families and healthy babies and she is willing to go the extra mile.  She truly has found her calling and her passion in natural birth."  Chuck

Jackie is EVERYTHING you want in a midwife - warm, knowledgable, confident and nurturing. She was sensitive to my and my family’s needs during the pregnancy and birth and gave me just the right amount of support that I wanted. Her quick thinking during a fleeting tense moment during my fast and easy labor ensured the health of my daughter. I could not recommend Jackie more highly. She is a gem and I am so grateful that she welcomed my daughter into the world. Thank you Jackie!

                                       Meghan Gilroy, business coach & shamanic healer, NH

When you are pregnant, remember that every decision is your choice to make.  The ultimate job of a midwife is to help you along the path to a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. Jackie provides guidance to allow you to experience your child’s introduction to the world the way you want.  
Throughout two pregnancies and a miscarriage, I am grateful I had Jackie.  She is top notch in the field of midwifery, but more significantly she is kind, caring, and thoughtful with every interaction.

 Erin Lane, NH